Every Fashion Week, the Pantone Color Institute releases a report highlighting the top trends from the new collections. The fall 2020 edition is all about strength and optimism with deep rich red tones, olive greens, thoughtful blue hues and unexpected pops of orange.

“The color palette for fall/winter 2020 highlights our desire for versatile, timeless color—reflecting a less-is-more mindset,” said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute. “The colors for fall/winter 2020 encourage our ongoing desire for unique self-expression through creative and unusual visual statements that stand out.”

Pantone Fall/Winter 2020/2021 Color Palette

One thing that stands out this year is that the fall 2020 color fashion trends are not really “trendy”. Instead, they are timeless colors that don’t go out of style and can be incorporated into nearly any wardrobe.

1) Pantone 16-1350 Amberglow

2) Pantone 17-1349 Exuberance

3) Pantone 17-1562 Mandarin Red

4) Pantone 19-1662 Samba

5) Pantone 13-0532 Celery Green

6) Pantone 13-0648 Green Sheen

7) Pantone 18-5338 Ultramarine Green

8) Pantone 19-0622 Military Olive

9) Pantone 19-3940 Blue Depths

10) Pantone 19-4051 Strong Blue

11) Pantone 19-2428 Magenta Purple

12) Pantone 16-1511 Rose Tan

13) Pantone 19-1540 Burnt Henna

14) Pantone 16-1328 Sandstone

15) Pantone 14-1122 Sheepskin

16) Pantone 12-0713 Almond Oil

17) Pantone 16-3916 Sleet

18) Pantone 11-0605 Jetstream