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Next time you lose your lighter and are craving a smoke, don’t rush to the store to buy a lighter just grab your phone.


With the Wix Lit™️, you will always have a light in any situation.



The Wix Lit™️ offers 3-in-1 functionality - mobile kickstand/finger ring grip, electric lighter & magnetic car mounting.


The ergonomic design of the kickstand makes a great finger grip on a crowded bus to prevent your phone from slipping through your hands.


It’s also a great solution to place your phone on your office desk and enjoy watching a video or making a video call.


It can be attached to any magnetic mounting device. We recommend the Magnetic Car Mount for Wix Lit™️. 

The Wix Lit™️ is rechargeable, it requires no gas and is non-combustible.


There is no flame, only a tungsten coil that can only be activated if the kickstand is pulled out and the spring-loaded cover is pulled down.


Whether you're outside in the wind or having cocktails in a bar, the Wix Lit™️ provides you with environmentally friendly, flameless light.


The Wix Lit™️ can be bonded to your phone case or directly to your phone with it’s polymer nano 3M adhesive.




  • USB Rechargeable Lighter
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Finger Ring Grip
  • Kickstand
  • Compatible with Magnetic Car Mounts


Package Include: 

1* Wix Lit™️ Mobile Lighter

1* Exquisite Gift Box



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