2020 New Smart Led Curtain String Lights

Size: 1 PCS-300 LED





☀ Brand Name: SAMNET

☀ LED Quantity: 300LED

☀ Total Length: 3M×3M

☀ Strand Quantity: 10 Strands

☀ Material: Silver Copper Wire

☀ Waterproof: IP44

☀ LED Color:  Multicolor

☀ Voltage: 5V


Remote Control: Say goodbye to the traditional mode. You don't need to run to press the button every time you want to change the mode. You can use the remote control to adjust 8 light modes, adjust the brightness of the light string, or set the timing function.

USB Charging: It can be powered by computers, power banks, cars, etc.


Safe Touch

5V Low Voltage , Use safe temperature: -30℃ ~ 40℃ ,Safe for touch , Not hot , Harmless to children.

Warm Romantic Light

Warm colors are more cozy and can provide a warm and romantic atmosphere. They are mostly used for room decoration, living room decoration, and marriage proposals. (All photos are from real photos taken by customers)

White Noble Light

White symbolizes purity and nobility, suitable for birthday party decoration, wedding, Christmas decoration, etc.(All photos are from real photos taken by customers)

Multicolor&Rainbow Vitality Light

Color and rainbow colors symbolize vitality, suitable for children's decoration, rock style, psychedelic forest style and other special decorations.(All photos are from real photos taken by customers)

Indoor Dec&Outdoor Dec

This light string can not only decorate the interior, but also decorate the exterior; come buy it, use your imagination, and decorate your own style!

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