Reusable Spring Head Earwax Cleaner

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👂🏻✨ Get rid of the nasty earwax easily with this Reusable Spring Head Earwax Cleaner! 👂🏻✨ 

This innovative earwax remover deeply cleans the ear canal in a safer and comfortable way! Designed with a smooth spring tip that efficiently reaches at the perfect distance and extracts all excessive buildups. Simply insert the tip to your ears and gently twist it to remove both oily and dry earwax easily! It doesn't cause any irritation or scratches that may cause discomfort or worse hearing impairment! 

The stretchy, spring spiral head also has a massaging function which gently soothes the ear canal and nerves. Providing you a relaxing process when you keep your ears clean and healthy. What’s more? It comes in a set which has different ear cleansing tools that are also safe! Each ear pick has an anti-slip handle and is easy to control. Perfect for removing earwax unlike the traditional cotton swabs that breaks easily and only pushes the wax back deeper! 

Ditch the single-use cotton swabs and use this reusable earwax cleaner instead! 


  • Efficient Earwax Removal
    Featuring a 360° spring spiral head that effectively cleans the ear canal by deeply extracting excessive buildup. Providing you an easier and safer way to remove both oily and dry earwax. Simply insert the tip to your ears and gently twist it and you're done! No more ear discomfort or worse hearing impairment!  
  • Safe for Everyone
    A smooth and stretchy spring tip that is specifically designed to reach at the perfect distance and collects earwax pain free. It prevents scratching or any irritation that may damage the ear drums. Additionally, it also has a massaging function which gently soothes the ear canal and effectively relieves itching.
  • Lengthened Handle
    It has a long anti-slip handle design, making it comfortable and easy to control during use. The lengthened handle also offers a secure, stable grip and it won’t bend or break unlike the traditional cotton swabs.
  • Ear Cleansing Tool Set
    The innovative earwax remover comes with different ear cleansing tools and a storage to meet all your different needs. Each tool can effectively and safely help to keep your ears clean and healthy! 
  • Easy to Clean
    The ear picks can be washed easily with soap and water, afterwards, sterilized the tools with rubbing alcohol. No more constant buying of cotton swabs that only pushes the wax back deeper and causes buildups!

  • Premium Materials
    Made of a fully polished, high-quality stainless steel that is completely safe and comfortable in the ears. Each ear pick is highly durable and anti-rust which can serve you for longer years!


  • Materials: Stainless steel
  • Color: Black, Navy, Brown, Orange, Pink


  • 1PC x Reusable Spring Head Earwax Cleaner

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